Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeders

Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeders – the best rated bee proof hummingbird feeders of 2018. Top reviews, brands, selection tips, and more.

Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder

At a time when feeding fun-loving hummingbirds is trending with bird and nature lovers, it is good to know that top quality bee proof hummingbird feeders are on offer with proven best results. In fact, there are seven top brands featured on Amazon that are designed to keep away bees and other insects. The best recommendation is to purchase brands that do not leak, and keep bats and other non-hummingbirds away from the nectar.

Hummingbird feeders that excel

The best feeders for playful hummingbirds are usually constructed of glass and are easy to clean and fill with homemade or store brought food. The feeders featured here ate the classic styles that hummingbirds seem to enjoy; while feeding like crazy during the early morning and late hours of sunlight, say fans of these wee birds that give bird lovers a real thrill. In fact, a good feeder is one of the best ways and means to show a human’s appreciation of these remarkable little birds of nature.

Top 7 Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeders

1. Healthy Hummingbird Feeder

Healthy Hummingbird Feeder

This brand is credited with keeping bats and all other birds and insects away so hummingbirds can enjoy the nectar contained in the red flower area featured on this well designed feeder that is priced to sell fast. This feeder is never a problem when cleaning because it is designed to allow for easy cleaning with drip trays that can easily be wiped clean fast. Overall, this is a great feeder for all types of gardens and yards.

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2. Hummingbird-Pinchwaist-Feeder

Hummingbird Pinchwaist

This popular feeder is easily to fill and rain; while hummingbirds will return again and again to this brightly designed model that is no trouble at all to fill or clean, say longtime hummingbird fans sharing views online. Hummingbirds seem to like this style because it features easy to use perches so as to allow the bird easy sitting and drinking.

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3. Aspects 367 Hummzinger

Aspects 367 Hummzinger

The hummingbird fans who enjoy this feeder say its translucent red glass bottle offers a great design, while also attracting lots and lots of these wee birds. In fact, most hummingbirds enjoy the features offered in this feeder; including a built-in ant moat and proven effective bee guards. The feeder easily comes apart for effective cleaning each and every time.

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4. First Nature 32 Oz Feeder

First Nature 32 OZ Feeder

This model is trending online with hummingbird fans because it features a true easy-to-fill design; while also offering a wide-mouth opening for effective and easy cleaning. When compared with similar feeders, this model outshines them all, say longtime hummingbird fans because “birds really like this feeder!”

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5. Gray Bunny Mini Hummingbird Feeder

Gray Bunny Mini Hummingbird Feeder

When considering that a typical hummingbird beats its wings some 50 beast per second, it is no wonder these wee little birds get hungry fast. In fact, it is fascinating to watch hummers eat and that’s why this model is perfect for anyone wanting to attract these birds to their home or garden area. This feeder is easy to fill with nectar and offers users hours of fun entertainment watching hummers enjoy the food this feeder offers.

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6. Perky-Pet Elegant Copper Glass Feeder

Perky Pet Elegant Copper Glass Feeder

This model feeder is perfect for any garden because it is professionally designed to attract all types of hummers. In fact, there are many glowing comments about this model from longtime hummingbird fans who think its base easily opens for feeding and cleaning. It also features a bottle that unscrews from the base easily; while also featuring other components that are user friendly and safe for cleaning and daily use in feeding all types of hummingbirds.

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7. Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra

Aspects 367 Hummzinger Ultra

This model feeder is great in any space because of its compact design. It also allows for multiple hummers to feed without the hassle of clogging ports. This model does not leak and is proven to attract all types of hummers. The feeding ports for this model area also designed for easy filling and cleaning; while hummers enjoy the wide feeding ports with built in caps for zero leaking. Fans of this model also say it’s priced right.

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Tips for keeping bees away

Because hummingbirds are among the smallest of all birds, they simply do not get along with fellow sized bees, say longtime bird experts sharing views online. The construction of most hummer feeders is all about non-leaking because bees and other pests seem to know when a hummingbird feeder is leaking. At the same time, it’s known that bees tend to fight with hummers in Mother Nature’s quest for food that is in the form of nectar, or sugar water, for both hummers and bees. Thus, it is best to have a proper feeder for hummingbirds so as to not attract bees that cause trouble when a feeder is leaking. A feeder of this type is designed to “not” attract bees or other insects because it is known that bees tend to disrupt the feeding patterns of hummers.

Bee proof feeders

The best hummingbird feeders feature a special design that draws attention to the nectar for hummers; while doing the exact opposite when it comes to bees. In brief, a hummer feeder is designed to be “bee proof” for good reasons because bees can disrupt and even upset the feeding routine of hummers. This is why the typical hummer feeder has a round perch design with various feeding ports because bees do not take to this type of bird feeding design. In fact, there are new high-tech sealing rings on today’s hummer feeders to ensure no leak and, in turn, no leaking sugar water attracting bees.

Top Brands

There are many top hummer feeders online that understand the dilemma of bees messing with hummingbirds as they feed. To help remedy this situation, there are many top feeders with zero leak protection so as to not attract the attention of bees that can literally smell the sugar water that hummers love. The other great thing about modern hummer feeder design is there is plenty of space to drink. The feeders are all about having an attractive feeding port so the frantically flying hummers can take a break and enjoyed all the feeder has to offer. The best bit is a good feeder is fully loaded with energy rich sugar water that cannot be accessed by visiting bees or other insects. Overall, these hummer feeders are bee proof and that’s makes a world of difference to fans of these wee birds.

Bees not harmful to hummingbirds, say experts

There are many pros and cons to feeding bees separately from where hummingbird feeders are hung because bees and hummers have different and distinct pattern of flight and feeding, say experts. This translates to a focus to attract hummers to nectar without also attracting worrisome bees and other insects. While bees are viewed as a “transient problem” for hummers and those who use hummingbird feeders, there are way and means to place feeders in direct sunlight so not to also attract bees. Overall, there has never been a better time to purchase a hummer feeder if you are a fan of these wee birds.